Zoom News

Update your software
Zoom released new software for your computer that will be required for all users on May 30th. Please take a minute to update so that you have the most recent features and security improvements. Here are simple instructions to follow.
Instructional Continuity
Faculty: In the event of a protracted campus closure, the Zoom tool (among others) may help ensure instructional continuity for your classes. Zoom Live Training Webinars are a great way to get up to speed with this tool.To learn more about how to use this and other tools in your courses, please follow this link to the Instructional Continuity course in myCourses.

Students: You can use this videoconferencing application on your computer, phone, or tablet to communicate with others in your class or attend virtual lectures. We recommend the following:
Zoom and HIPAA
The University System of New Hampshire has entered into a Business Associate Agreement with Zoom Video Communications for use of their Zoom web conferencing platform for healthcare-related needs under HIPAA. Departments can request that their staff be allowed to use Zoom for telehealth purposes. Read more >>
Easier meeting recording - in the cloud
Academic Technology has integrated Zoom with Kaltura, our product for media hosting and delivery. Because Kaltura allows unlimited storage, this enables us to let all users of Zoom have access to the Cloud Recording function in Zoom. Now when you go to record a Zoom meeting, you will have two options:
  • Record to this Computer - A recording will be made on your own computer. You then need to manage that file as you see fit including long-term storage and sharing.
  • Record to the Cloud - A recording will be made on Zoom’s servers. After the meeting, the recording will automatically be placed in your personal My Media collection within the Kaltura service. You can access and share the recording via media.unh.edu or via the myCourses/Canvas LMS.
The Record to the Cloud option can be triggered from any Zoom client including iOS and Android where recording has not been possible before. For any situation where you do expect to share the meeting recording with others, we recommend using the cloud recording function to make the entire process easier. When you use the Record to the Cloud option, you will receive an email message at the end of your Zoom meeting giving you details on viewing and sharing the recording.
Meet with up to 300!
Zoom has raise the limit on a standard meeting to now be up to 300 people. If you have had to request special licenses before for meetings with over 100 participants, now you likely don't have to. There are still options available for even larger events.
Zoom 7x7
Zoom has enhanced meetings with now up to 49 participants being displayed, and you can have 100's of people sharing their video within a meeting. Sample animated GIF showing 49 particpants in a Zoom meeting
Read more about this and other new features.
Zoom for Messaging
Did you know that Zoom has chat funcitons that can be used for instant messaging and sharing files with friend and colleagues? The messaging features can be used at any time, even outside of a Zoom video conference. For the basics, you can see the Getting Started... support article or this short video tutoral.
UNH Site License
UNH now has a site license for Zoom! All UNH students and employees may hold Zoom Meetings at any time. To get started, see the resources below or just click the "Sign In/My Account" link in the upper right.